Rare Dog Breeds

Good Dog Breeds

Picking a good dog breed depends entirely on what kind of dog you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a companion dog (a dog to live inside the house with you and your family for companionship and pet ownership), you’ll want a far different breed than if you’re looking for a pastoral dog (for herding livestock) or a guard dog (for protecting your family or using on a police force). This article will assume that you only want a dog for companionship, and will outline some good dog breeds that not only make wonderful and loyal pets but are also great with children.

Labrador Retriever

A Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breed of dog in the world, and with good reason. It’s intelligence, gentleness, energy, obedience, and loyalty make it a wonderful companion dog as well as an efficient working dog (often as a seeing eye dog). This breed ranges in size from 50-80 pounds and 20-25 inches in height. Loveable, huggable, seldom aggressive and very patient, Labs are great with kids and will stand by as the young ones hug them (even if a little too rough). While these dogs are eager to please and very intelligent, they’re also highly energetic and free-willed, so a little patience should be shown when training them.


Dachshunds are small dogs with very long torsos and are often referred to as “wiener dogs”. They are clever animals (often finding ways out of cages and getting to their favorite blanket that may be out of reach) but their stubbornness makes them fairly difficult to train. They grow attached to families and children relatively easily, however they are distrusting of strangers and will often grow, bark, or snip at unfamiliar faces. As if they don’t realize how small they are compared to many other animals, they will often bark at much bigger dogs in an attempt to intimidate them. Dachshunds are more suited toward older children who recognize that the animal has a weak back structure and won’t be rough with them.


Beagles are extremely lovable and loyal. They will often bark or howl at unfamiliar people or things (making them a great watchdog), but they will become attached and lovey very quickly (making them poor guard dogs). A smaller version of a Foxhound, the beagle has a hypersensitive nose and will become easily distracted by wafting scents. They’re wonderful with small children and have great stamina, allowing them to exercise and play for extended period of time without getting tired (although that doesn’t keep them from taking nap breaks often). Prone to weight gain, the beagle should not be overfed. Beagles also often get separation anxiety, and therefore should not be left alone for long periods of time until they’ve been properly house trained.


Boxers are very people friendly dogs and are very energetic. They need a great deal of exercise and play or they may become easily bored and start to chew on things they shouldn’t or dig. Repetitive actions will bore them easily, and so traditional training methods may seem ineffective on boxers, however positive reinforcement training makes taming the animal very easy. Boxers are generally not aggressive and are patient with children and small dogs and puppies, however spats between them and other big dogs are likely. Boxers are the 6th most popular dog breed registered in the United States.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are ranked as the 4th most intelligent dog breed, and can in fact learn more than 200 commands, words and phrases. They’re extremely gentle and friendly to not only their owners but strangers as well (which while this makes them a great companion good dog breed, they’re not well used as guard dogs). They’re very fun loving and love retrieve things such as in a game of fetch and can be entertained by retrieving for hours (especially if water is involved). Their gentleness and patience, coupled with their love of play, make them ideal for families with children.