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Kennels Cages for Dogs

You can’t always leave your dog unattended at home when you aren’t there, or they might destroy the furniture, chew on things or “do their business” in places they shouldn’t in a fit of boredom and loneliness.

Letting the dog be free in the car during a road trip may not be the safest idea for the dog or the interior of the car. And letting the dog run wild in the backyard all the time might not always be an option. It’s for these reasons that there are dog cage kennels. Dog cages and kennels come in many different sizes, are made of many different materials, and are made for various purposes.

Indoor kennels and cages

Kennels cages made for inside the home can be used in various ways. You can keep your dog in the cage while you’re away from the home, keeping your dog from tearing up the house, ruining things he shouldn’t get into, and “doing his business” on the carpet. You can also use it to house train your pet, but locking him up when you don’t want him to “do his business”. The cages are often small enough that while the dog can fit inside comfortable, they’ll be forced into discomfort if they must share it with their bodily waste. Another way to use an in-the-house cage kennels is as a form of punishment. Much like Pavlov’s dogs became conditioned to do good by getting treats, your dog can be conditioned to do good for fear of getting put in his cage if he’s bad.

Traveling cages

When you’re training a dog to be well behaved on the road, or even if you just don’t trust them to not fall and get hurt in the back seat of a long driven family vacation, a traveling cage may be what you need. The traveling cage teaches the dog to be well behaved and sit still during a car trip instead of moving about which could be dangerous while the car is moving. It keeps the dog in place, protecting it so it can’t go sprawling away when the vehicle hits a nasty bump, and also keeps the interior of the car protected from the canine who might start chewing on the fabric out of nervousness from the excessive motion.

Outdoor cages

There are three basic types of outdoor cages: a walk in cage, a kennel, and a run. The kennel is a link fence cage with a wooden floor and a small doghouse at one end. The cage allows the dog room to move around and be outdoors but has a roof to it so he can’t easily jump out, while the attached doghouse provides shelter from the elements and a cozy place for the dog to curl up in to go to sleep. A run is very similar to a kennel. It too is a cage attached to a small doghouse, but with a few additions. First off, the material of the cage and its frame are typically of higher quality (and more durable) material. Also, runs have small legs which elevate the floor and therefore more sturdy. And finally are walk in cages which are actually large enough to hold several standing people. These are made for much larger dogs and often for more than one to be inside at a time. These have no floors, so their posts should be mounted sturdily into the ground.

When choosing a type of dog cage or kennel, be sure that it is a good fit for your dog. Large and extra large dogs need large and extra large cages and kennels. Kennels cages that are too small for the dog will be uncomfortable or worse, where as a large cage that’s too big could encourage the dog to use it for his toilet purposes as well.