Rare Dog Breeds

Large Kennel

Not all dogs are created equal, and neither should their kennel be. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes from very small (such as a Chihuahua) to the incredibly massive (like the Great Dane) and everything in between. Many people purchase dog kennels to keep their canine in for various reasons. A person might keep their dog inside a kennel while they are away from home to kept he dog from ruining the furniture in fit of bored loneliness. Another reason to put your dog in a kennel might be to help potty train them, while some use the dog kennel as a form of punishment for bad behavior. Whatever your reasoning, you want to be sure to get a kennel that is the proper size for your animal. If you have a large dog, get a large kennel. Get an extra large kennel for an extra large dog.

Picking the right size kennel

A large breed dog needs a large breed dog kennel. This may seem like an easy enough concept, but all too often pet owners opt for buying a smaller kennel that their dog can squeeze into because it’s cheaper and takes up less space in their home. Do not do this. Saving money and the desire to take up less space in your home with a kennel is no reason to make your dog suffer by having to be put in a confined space for extended periods of time that he barely fits in. Get your dog what he or she deserves. The kennel should be large enough for the dog to fit in comfortably and have space to move around in. It should not be so large, however, that the animal is able to “do its business” with all kinds of room to spare. After all, part of the use of this kennel will be to potty train the animal. If the amount of space the kennel takes up in your home is really such a severe burden, then you may consider making your pet become an outside dog.

Use the kennel to potty train your dog

Getting your dog house trained is one of the harder functions of being a dog owner. Being as free willed as they are, most dogs would be happy “doing their business” anywhere they feel appropriate when nature calls. You can use your large kennel as an aid to potty train your dog by putting them on a schedule. The kennel should be a large enough size for your dog to fit comfortably in, but small enough so that he or she will no longer be comfortable in the kennel if they use it as a toilet as well. You can use this to your advantage by putting the dog in the kennel at night while you’re asleep and are unable (or unwilling) to get up let them outside. By being in these tight quarters, the canine will insist on “holding it in” until such a time they don’t have to be in such close proximity to the waste. By doing this every night, it will cause the dog to form a toilet schedule that works better for you.

Using the kennel as punishment

Dogs are fun loving animals that want to go wherever they want and do whatever they want. Being confined to a x large kennel puts a hindrance to their preferred lifestyle. You can use the kennel as a form of punishment if the dog does something they shouldn’t. Through association, the dog will learn that if he or she does something bad, they’ll be put in the kennel where they can no longer run around. This will promote only good behavior from the animal.