Rare Dog Breeds

List of Dog Breeds

There are literally hundreds of dog breeds in the world (not including cross-breeds and mutts). They come from 6 of the 7 continents and from dozens of countries throughout the Earth. All these dogs can be fit into numerous types of dog as well as breed. This is a comprehensive list of dog types, and the list of dog breeds that fit each type.

Companion dogs

A companion dog is any type of dog that is not used for anything more than a pet for companionship. Here is a list of companion dogs:

· Affenpinscher
· Alaskan Klee Kai
· Askal
· American Eskimo
· American Hairless Terrier
· Australian Silky Terrier
· Silky Terrier
· Bichon Frisé
· Biewer
· Bolognese
· Boston Terrier
· Bulldog
· Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
· Chihuahua
· Chinese Crested Dog
· Coton de Tulear
· Cross-breed dog
· Dalmatian
· Elo
· Eurasier
· French Bulldog
· German Spitz
· Griffon Bruxellois
· Brussels Griffon
· Havanese
· Indian Spitz
· Italian Greyhound
· Japanese Chin
· Japanese Spitz
· King Charles Spaniel
· English Toy Spaniel
· Kromfohrlander
· Lhasa Apso
· Löwchen
· Maltese
· Mexican Hairless Dog
· Xoloitzcuintli
· Miniature Pinscher
· Miniature Poodle
· Mixed-breed dog
· Papillon
· Pekingese
· Phalène
· Pomeranian
· Pug
· Russian Toy Dog
· Schipperke
· Shih Tzu
· Teddy Roosevelt Terrier
· Tibetan Spaniel
· Tibetan Terrier
· Toy Fox Terrier
· Toy Manchester Terrier
· Yorkshire Terrier

Guard Dogs

A guard dog is trained to watch out for unwanted and unexpected people and animals. Here are some of the breeds of dog used to be guard dogs:

· American Bulldog
· Anatolian Shepherd
· Belgian Shepherd Dog
· Black Russian Terrier
· Bullmastiff
· Chow Chow
· Doberman Pinscher
· German Shepherd
· Kunming Wolfdog
· Rottweiler
· Sharr Mountain Dog
· Tibetan Mastiff
· Akita Inu
· Alano Español
· Argentine Dogo
· Bandog
· Beauceron
· Boerboel
· Bouvier des Flandres
· Boxer
· Bully Kutta
· Cão de Castro Laboreiro
· Cane Corso
· Canis Panther
· Caucasian Ovcharka
· Ciobănesc de Bucovina
· Danish Broholmer
· Dogo Guatemalteco
· Dogue de Bordeaux
· Dutch Shepherd Dog
· English Mastiff
· Fila Brasileiro
· Great Dane
· Great Pyrenees
· Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
· Hovawart
· Icelandic Sheepdog
· Karelian Bear Dog
· Komondor
· Mioritic
· Moscow Watchdog
· Mucuchies
· Neapolitan Mastiff
· Perro de Presa Canario
· Perro de Presa Mallorquin
· Rhodesian Ridgeback
· Saint Bernard
· Schipperke
· Shiloh Shepherd
· Tibetan Mastiff
· Weimaraner

Sled Dogs

Sled dogs are bred for the sole purpose of pulling a sled through over the snowy tundra for both means of travel and for racing. Here are some of the dog breeds that might make up a sled team:

· Alaskan Husky
· Alaskan Malamute
· Canadian Eskimo Dog
· Chinook
· Eurohound
· Greenland Dog
· Labrador Husky
· Mackenzie River Husky
· Northern Inuit Dog
· Sakhalin Husky
· Samoyed
· Seppala Siberian Sleddog
· Siberian Husky
· Tamaskan Dog
· Utonagan

These are of course not all the top dogs breeds around, and not even all the breeds of each type! In addition, there’s also hunting dogs, which are any dog used for tracking animals for the purpose of hunting, and pastoral dogs used for herding animals (such as sheepdogs).

When choosing a dog breed, you should first figure out what you’re wanting to use the dog for. If it’s just as a pet to have around the house, you’ll want a different animal from if you plan to go sheep herding.